[CS-FSLUG] [OT] Ozone Hole

Stephen J. McCracken smccracken at hcjb.org.ec
Wed Dec 7 12:40:46 CST 2005

dmc wrote:
>>We are just about to have the coldest Winter in 20 years here in the
>>UK which is the result of global warming. It is crazy to think that
>>people are still not bothered. When our next generation of sons and
>>daughters start getting skin cancer under the age of 10 then maybe we
>>will all sit up and take notice.
> There is not a shred of genuine *science* to back up
> this statement, merely lots of conjecture, fundraising,
> and radicalizing political hype from the Left.

I would dare say that there is a lot of "political hype" from both
sides.  I don't know if the "science" backs it up or not, but I do know
that God gave man dominion over the earth (Gen 1.26-31).  How are we
using this dominion given us to care for this land given in stewardship?

Are our arguments in this based more in our culture of capitalism or
business or Greenpeace or ecology or on God's word and his giving
stewardship of the earth to mankind?  Are we being good stewards of this
resource given to us?

I'm not taking any sides on this, but suggest that many Christians are
more swayed by the cultural (business or ecology) arguments rather than
basing their thoughts on God's words.

Just some food for thought...


> Weather extremes are 99.9% explained by normal and
> historically documented cycles.  Nothing more.
> Lightning-caused forest fires and volcanos easily impact
> the world's weather climate in vastly greater ways than
> the combined negative actions of man.
> Chicken Little, basic science, and the Book of Eccleiastes
> should be required reading in our schools.  Opps, sorry,
> critical thinking, truth, and science have been banned from
> government (public) schools.

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