[CS-FSLUG] [OT] Ozone Hole

JD Runyan Lists at RunyanRants.Net
Wed Dec 7 16:42:23 CST 2005

Timothy Butler wrote:
> 	Well, I think the point is that it isn't particularly desirable  
> regardless. But, we've averted this -- so far as I know -- but  
> eliminating usage of the things that caused the damage to begin with  
> (CFC's, for example).
I don't know if it desirable or not. Humans being naturally 
conservative, tend to not like changes they don't understand. the 
science that suggests that CFCs influence the Ozone hole is a bit 
dubious when applied to something as large as the earths atmosphere.

> 	As to the other comments, there is definite data that we are warming  
> up, the question is how much of that we are causing -- its all within  
> the noise of the data. But, nevertheless, I think it is best to  
> assume are are causing something, and do whatever we can that isn't  
> terribly impractical economically.

Sure there is data that says this, and there was data in the 70s that 
said we were cooling. I have a little more trust in the fact that God 
created a world that is perfect, and is capable of rejuvenation of 
itself. It was designed to have cycles. Warming and cooling trends for 
the whole earth may just be seasons on a global scale. I know that I 
have seen how quickly the earth reclaims concrete and metal structures 
once abandoned by man. I have no doubt that the Earth was designed to 
deal with air borne things as well.

I agree that it is our job to take care of the Earth. I don't agree that 
the environmentalists have defined correctly what that is, and thus 
adopting a more conservative version of their solution is the answer. I 
think it is best to assume that God is causing something, and that we 
will have to adapt through prayerful action to the new environment that 
he has given us.

Science is the religion of the humanist, and thus I must view all that 
is presented through my God filter. There is great truth in science that 
is evidence of a perfect creator, but there is also an unwillingness of 
mainstream scientists to accept that there is a God, and thus they are 
more apt to accept fairy tales that separate man from God, and give man 
much more power than God has endowed us with.

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