[CS-FSLUG] [OT] Ozone Hole

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Dec 7 16:08:01 CST 2005

> 2) The ozone hole is over the Arctic and Antartic and is at its worst
> during the winter.
> Am I correct in assuming that noone is sunbathing in Antartica during
> the winter? Am I also correct in assuming that Antartica and the Artic
> are not populated? So how exactly is the ozone hole a danger to  
> man ...
> or for that matter, a danger to anything (except perhaps snow and  
> rock)?
> And if man is not in any danger, where are these "risks" of increased
> cancer coming from?
> Let's all do the "hype"! It's the latest dance craze sweeping the  
> world
> wide media! If it's scary, who cares if it's true!

	Well, I think the point is that it isn't particularly desirable  
regardless. But, we've averted this -- so far as I know -- but  
eliminating usage of the things that caused the damage to begin with  
(CFC's, for example).

	As to the other comments, there is definite data that we are warming  
up, the question is how much of that we are causing -- its all within  
the noise of the data. But, nevertheless, I think it is best to  
assume are are causing something, and do whatever we can that isn't  
terribly impractical economically.


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