{PD} [CS-FSLUG] Am I Democrat or Republican?

Chris Brault groundhog3000 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 12 14:18:04 CDT 2004


> A quick google search brings up abortion was
> legalized in 1973, that makes me 
> depending on the month, almost 1 or 1 year old, so
> this probably did have an 
> impact on the way I thought about abortion.

I was born in 1973. We were taught that abortion was
wrong from an early age.


> Also I do know for a fact that my hearing loss when
> I was 7 had a great impacton how I think today too

The deaf community here (my wife is an interpreter) is
in general more sensual and less morally inhibited
than the general population. Why? We can only assume
from our conversations that the "social pressure" that
comes from overhearing others (i.e. the prevailing
cultural view) is missing. Things like, "I never heard
that" and "Nope, I don't know what that means" are
common. So you are actually ahead of the game.


> I proably watch on average 1 hour of television in a
> WEEK! I never watch television, and im not a victim 
> of propoganda, and I have never even been to 
> any political web sites except for the one someone
> refered me to in the very first post to this topic.

We have no television (i.e. the Coma box).


> All my opinions and conclusions are almost based on
> what I SEE and think. My eyes are my ears and they 
> can almost always be deceiving.

Indeed, television news shows are designed to be
entertainment (i.e. just like psychics) and dramatic.
All my news comes from the internet. I can watch the
AP news clips and read differing opinions and foreign
accounts and make my own judgements. Why not think for myself.

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