[CS-FSLUG] interactive animation question

R. Thompson ron.t at sasktel.net
Sun Jul 11 17:39:30 CDT 2004

Thanks Ed,

   I wouldn't have you go to the trouble.  Tomorrow I can call them and
see how receiptive they are to my complaint.

   Severe thunderstorms are heading this way, although I've invested in
a UPS, it would be best to shut down the computer until they move

   Ron T.

On Sun, 2004-07-11 at 16:02, Ed Hurst wrote:
> R. Thompson wrote:
> > I've had my outgoing e-mail identified as spam before.  I'm not sure
> > why, or what to do about it.
> > 
> > 	Ron T.
> It's your ISP, Ron. They don't follow the established rules about such 
> things. For one, when Sasktel's mail server makes a connection, the 
> trace back most mail servers do doesn't work. For some reason Sasktel's 
> mail server does not make a proper response, or does not resolve on a 
> DNS query.
> Further, Sasktel refuses to accept spam complaints, or uses an oddball 
> address for it; 'abuse at sasktel.net' does not exist, or bounces mail. 
> Thus, it finds itself on some blocklists. I can look into it in more 
> detail if you'd like.
Ron G. Thompson, |^|
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
www.petomai.org   ron at petomai.org
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