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Fri Jul 9 15:04:36 CDT 2004

On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 10:40:09AM -0400, David M. wrote:
> On Sunday 04 July 2004 01:56 pm, Timothy R. Butler wrote:
> > > This will probably come to a suprise to a few Republicans on the list
> > > that
> > > know me, but I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find
> > > information on
> > > the things that our presidents have done durring their time in office.
> > >
> > > I also want to know if the Democratic party are pro abortion.
> >
> > 	That's the official stance. There are some democrats that are prolife
> > and some republicans that are pro-abortion, but as a rule Democrats get
> > major funding from groups like Planned Parenthood (the nation's largest
> > abortion system and lobby) and Republicans are supported by groups like
> > National Right to Life.
> Here is one thing I debate with myself about abortion:
> Q. If abortion were illegal, what is going to happen?
> A. Mothers are going to have their own abortions anyway, in an alley, 
> unsterile place or wherever they can think of. So really in my mind it 
> doesn't matter if abortion is illegal or legal it's going to happen, and in 
> the case of illegal abortion the scenarios are much worse. 

If we make heroine illegal, people will still shoot up.  The will just have to
buy this body and soul destroying drug in less sanitary and medically safe
conditions.  I guess we should make something that very clearly a BAD THING
legal, and support it with tax dollars, because otherwisse we might have to
deal with the fact that bad things are BAD.

> >
> > > "Do you believe that people that have a ton of money should pay more
> > > taxes
> > > than people who don't"
> > > My answer: No, I think everyone should pay the same amount of taxes.
> >
> > 	Very Republican issue. Democrats support taxing those who make/have a
> > lot of money at very high rates.
> Well since I brought this issue to the table, I am having second thoughts 
> about it, because I completly forgot that all those people who have a lot of 
> money do a very large amount of tax write offs and get that money back at the 
> end of the year. so even though they are paying more, they are getting it 
> back anyhow.
> >
> > > "Do you believe in prayer in schools"
> > > My answer: Yes.
> > >
> > > He then says: your a Republican.
> >
> > 	Sounds like it to me.
> My answer still stands with this issue as long as the prayer is tailored to 
> fit any religion and not just christianity. The reason I say this is because 
> the USA was founded on religious freedom, people flocked here to escape 
> religious persecution of their own country and I believe this has contributed 
> to the USA being the worlds superpower, because everyone can put their issues 
> aside to fight for the USA in order to protect their freedom to choose. 
> This makes me and say, the muslim down the road have a very strong similarity 
> that brings us together and respect each other because we both know without 
> each others help, we wouldn't have the right to choose our faith.
> Did anyone ever stop to think, there are thousands if not more soldiers over 
> in Iraq right now who are of different faiths fighting for this country as 
> was in the first gulf war.
> So I can honestly say that the Jewish guy or muslim guy over there right now 
> is fighting not only for his own freedom, but for ours too.
> > Groups like
> > Planned Parenthood push for more abortions and resist any attempt to
> > restrict abortion in the least. These are liberal groups. The
> > democratic party is liberal-to-moderate and is supported by these
> > groups.
> I don't believe in abortion unless the mothers life is in danger. I look at 
> this as a liberal position for the that child, not for the mother. That child 
> has every right to live as does the mother.
> >
> > 	On the other hand the Republicans are supported by conservative groups
> > (Right to Life, tax reform people, Christian groups, etc.) 
> >>>>Christian groups. 
> This is one thing that really burnt me up about bush and the election. He just 
> couldn't stress enough that he was Christian. I think he did this only 
> because he knows that the majority of the USA is Christian and it was all 
> about winning the votes. in other words, it was "all about Bush" and not 
> about what was the best interest of our country.
> Article 6, Clause 3 of the united states constitution states "no religious 
> Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust 
> under the United States."
> Which transulates to me as no religion should be considered or even brought up 
> in politics, but Bush used his first admendment right to stress his religious 
> stance to get the votes from like parties because he knew the majority of the 
> US is made up of Christians.

I disagree.  When I vote for a representative in my government, I recognize
that he or she will have to make hard choices.  Choices based on information
that I do not have, and that might change my mind on an issue if I had it.  So
I cannot necesarily elect someone who i expect to aagree with on all
particulars.  However, I believe that ultimately a persons decisions are an
outgrowth of his character, and so I want to know the character of the man or
woman I vote for.  Now, I recognize that different people will put ddifferent
emphais on the different aspects of their religions obligations, and that no one
is going to be getting it perfect, but I would much rather vote for a man who
say "not I, but Christ who lives within me."

That being said, I think Bush either a sneaky genius or a mindless simp, so i
will not vote for him, whtever his religious affiliaation.

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