[CS-FSLUG] BSD for linux users

Jukka Y mail at ylonen.info
Wed Jul 7 08:13:28 CDT 2004

Now that I am back at home, I started again my adventures in BSD-land. I 
prepared a installation media (cdrom) for FreeBSD, tried it once, but after 
realizing the process has differences compared to linux, I decided to learn 
more before actually diving into it (I try to preserve my win98/linux 
installation, backups etc. which are alredy in a same machine).

I found a well-written tutorial: "BSD vs Linux" (- reading it right now). 
Writer seems to understand both linux- and BSD- systems and draws a clear 
picture of their backgrounds, development processes and the reasons what 
makes them different. It is worth reading even if one chooses to stay with 


I have also one question: 
-Does FreeBSD installation recognize other installations in my harddrives and 
does it offer a dual- (or triple-) boot options for them?


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