[CS-FSLUG] Am I Democrat or Republican?

David M. dave at edificationweb.com
Sun Jul 4 07:56:55 CDT 2004

Hi all,

This will probably come to a suprise to a few Republicans on the list that 
know me, but I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find information on 
the things that our presidents have done durring their time in office.

I also want to know if the Democratic party are pro abortion.

The reason I ask this is because, Last night my uncle (who is a Republican) 
and I were discussing politics and he asked me a few simple questions. He 
asked me:
"Do you believe in abortion" 
My answer: No, unless the mothers life is at risk.

"Do you believe that people that have a ton of money should pay more taxes 
than people who don't"
My answer: No, I think everyone should pay the same amount of taxes.

"Do you believe in prayer in schools"
My answer: Yes.

He then says: your a Republican.

Now I am again confused with my political stance. And want to really find out 
the truth for myself.

So does anyone know how I can answer these questions for myself?
David M.

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