Eduardo Sanchez sombragris at sombragris.org
Fri Aug 6 16:51:55 CDT 2021

Hi Nathan, fellow listmembers,

Pong! Here I am.

Happily waiting for Slackware release 15.0.-

The newest progress that I made regarding Linux/FOSS is that I needed to 
prepare hebrew slides and I wanted to use LaTeX Beamer. I discovered 
that I could use UTF-8 and any good Hebrew font with XeLaTeX and while 
not perfect, I'm very happy.-



On 2021-08-06 15:56, Nathan Thompson wrote:
> I haven't seen anything in the mailing list in a long time. I was
> wondering if it was still going, or if maybe Google was sending the
> messages off into the twilight zone.
> Regards,

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