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Nathan Thompson celerate at gmail.com
Mon May 4 21:21:56 CDT 2015

I am curious if you've write protected the contents as served from the
biblebox to keep people from replacing it or adding their own stuff? You
wouldn't want people to use this for anything nefarious  or illegal.
On May 4, 2015 6:45 PM, "David McMullen" <dm at iamhis.today> wrote:

>  Are any of you familiar with "BibleBox?, PirateBox?
> I have a couple of these, and they work really well, but The interface is
> pretty messed up for Mexico.
> BibleBox is a derivative of PirateBox. What BibleBox is a wifi router.
> with a USB, and modified to DD-WRT, It is not set up to connect to the
> internet.but is to serve serve up from the USB stick a variety of materials
> that might be a blessing to people for them to download (from the
> BibleBox).  For instance Gospel songs, Scripture, Bible related movies. And
> the ones I have, do that job very quickly and efficiently once one has
> found what one wants to download. It takes way less than a minute to
> download a Gospel song or a chapter from the New Testament, and only a few
> minutes to download a feature length gospel movie.
> But the interface is still largely in English, and even though part of it
> is translated into Spanish, it is Spanish without the Spanish accent marks
> and other marks peculiar to the Spanish language. In fact if I insert a
> Title to a song or other item, and it has a mark in it that is peculiar to
> the Spanish language, that item will not show up in the menu system. Quite
> a few of the items that show up in the main menu don't seem to do anything
> or change anything, or lead they only to an error notification.
> When I view and try to edit the index.html in my computer, it is very very
> different from the way it shows in a Telephone connected by wifi to the
> BibleBox.  When it comes to editing html files, I have struggled through
> building a few pages years ago, or editing existing pages, but I understand
> nothing at all about the CSS interaction, except to know that it exists.
> We set this up in the migrant camps and tell folks about it, and almost
> every night there are some people who try to use it. sometimes they seem to
> get exactly what they want.  Sometimes they come to me for help, and I have
> no idea how to help them. Others in similar ministries in Mexico are having
> similar problems. It's a marvelous idea, but making it more useful is out
> of the reach of most of us that are trying to use it.
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