[CS-FSLUG] OT Arduino books / tutorials

Ron Thompson rt at radionwt.ca
Tue Jul 8 21:24:57 CDT 2014

   I'm wrapped up in too many projects, but on the list of things to do
   is learning to program and use my Arduino boards.  The first project
   would be to read and store real time data from multiple single wire
   temperature sensors.  I would like to learn to write my own sketches
   and designs to do that.

   There are way too many Arduino e-books, printed books, online
   tutorials for me, I'm overwhelmed.    I'd like to start with
   something that is deeper than the "hello world" and blinking LEDs.

   Would someone have a recommended direction to take.  I'd like to use
   it with my Ubuntu machine.



Ron Thompson
Amateur Radio Station VE8RT
Yellowknife, NT, Canada
Grid Square DP22tk
"Who are these who that fly as a cloud ..." Is. 60:8

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