[CS-FSLUG] OT: Bad Doctrine Yields Bad Fruit . . . and Bad Comments Defending Bethel Church - A good informative read!

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Wed Jul 10 16:38:34 CDT 2013

Well, I readthe whole article, and then went through and followed some of
the more promising links. In the end, I heartily agree that "...Doctrine
matters. And all doctrine, good or bad, has consequences both now and for
eternity. Bad doctrine yields bad fruit...."

But I don't see that the authors doctrine is better than the doctrine of
the one whom he is criticizing. For instance, It appears that neither the
first or the last have much understanding about what the "church" is, or
what an "apostle" is.

While good doctrine will not allow us to belittle any biblical doctrine,
It is certain that their are some basic things (see Heb.6:1-2, And that
none of us have a full understanding of all Bible doctrine. In fact few
(if any) of us have a very deep understanding about these six basic

But although Doctrine is exceedingly important, And all of us should be
growing in our understanding of it, yet only repentance toward God and
faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is Where we all must come into God's
Dave McM

> http://www.worldviewweekend.com/news/article/bad-doctrine-yields-bad-fruit-and-bad-comments-defending-bethel-church
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