[CS-FSLUG] Microsoft Technology Mandated in GA Colleges?

dcolburn at bibleseven.com dcolburn at bibleseven.com
Fri Jan 11 09:14:38 CST 2013

Apple built loyalty and market share via the educational system.

MS is trying to copy that model as they are losing ground on all fronts
to Android, Apple, Linux, and soon TIZEN.

MS has obscenely-high development and support costs, especially
compared to Linux & TIZEN. (I'm not sure about the comparative
costs for Apple and Android.)

MS also has a long history of poor quality control and absurd hype
of which they have always fallen short e.g. "most secure" and "most

It will be interesting to see if their latest scheme works of if the look-
alike versions of other OS's peel-off many of their would-be recruits
(few users care about anything other than the GUI & performance).

> Since Linux in it's many forms  is available free of any charge world
 > wide, They may feel that they have to provide their products free in
 > order to secure, or maintain any market hold. Their products are
 > clearly not "better", But their business model prohibits competition
 > on anything like a level playing field. DavidM

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