[CS-FSLUG] .........government is forcing the biblical "Mark of the Beast"

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Wed Jan 9 13:51:35 CST 2013

Christians need to flee the government "public" indoctrination centers 


> A federal judge in Texas has  issued a ruling that a student’s
 > religious objections to wearing a badge from a school ID program that
 > utilizes radio chips to identify students and faculty and monitor
 > their movements are secular, and therefore, not a concern to the
 > school or court.
 > It's a nightmare for one American family. They believe the government
 > is forcing the biblical "Mark of the Beast" on them. Now, a federal
 > judge has finally issued a ruling in the case. Can you guess the
 > outcome? Click here for details
 > <http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/judge-finally-rules-on-mark-of-the-beast/>

Draw nearer to the Lord and He will bless you,

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