[CS-FSLUG] Quadrennial Hosting Sale

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Tue Jan 1 10:13:58 CST 2013


     It's a real good opportunity!

     I looked real hard at this but it's the worse time of year to spend
$120. up front.

     We are currently on Bluehost.


> Hi ChristianSource and Mac-Min friends,
> As those of you who have known me for a long time know, every four 
> years or so I get the itch to upgrade the server I provide web hosting 
> on and every four years I offer a special hosting sale in conjunction 
> with the upgrade (the last sale was July 2008). I also do that so I 
> don't bug folks on here with advertising.
> Instead of offering allegedly unlimited bandwidth or storage, I offer 
> what I can actually afford to provide. As long as you don't violate 
> the terms of service, you may use the space as you wish. I do not host 
> adult content on my server and I know the names of every one of my 
> clients so you can rest assured your site will never be sharing an IP 
> address with porn, spammers, etc. Here are the terms of service:
> http://www.serverforest.com/aup-tos.html
> Also, these are "self-managed" hosting plans. I'm here if you have a 
> critical issue, but I'm primarily offering it to folks who can do the 
> vast majority of the work themselves. The cPanel control panel on the 
> server allows you to create e-mail addresses, forwarders, MySQL 
> databases, etc.
> Why do this and not go with a bigger provider? My main selling point 
> is obsessive data protection. Everything will be stored on quality 
> RAID hard disks (i.e. everything will be stored twice for data 
> safety). Additionally, everything will be backed up on site and to an 
> entirely separate datacenter every night. I've never lost a client's 
> data. Period. Likewise, I have fewer than 50 accounts on the server 
> right now, meaning that you aren't sharing space with hundreds of 
> other sites that could lead to your site being compromised, etc. The 
> main purpose of the server is to host my own web sites and projects I 
> support like ChristianSource and CATUG/Mac-Min, so I care deeply about 
> seeing the machine run well. _I have provided 99.999% uptime over the 
> last four years_, so while the cost is a bit higher, I believe I can 
> beat even many enterprise grade hosts on reliability.
> Disk Space: 3,000 MB (3x my normal plan)
> Transfers: 75,000 MB (45,000 MB more than normal)
> E-mail accounts: 200 (120 more than normal)
> Databases: 8
> Additional Domains: 75 (3x more than normal)
> FTP Accounts: 40 (4x more than normal)
> Cost: *$10/month* (prepaid annually or $2.50 more per month for 
> semi-annual payment)
> Disk Space: 7,000 MB (over 3x my normal plan)
> Transfers: 125,000 MB (75,000 MB more than normal)
> E-mail accounts: 400 (200 more than normal)
> Databases: 20 (2x more than normal)
> Additional Domains: 110 (2x more than normal)
> FTP Accounts: 60 (3x more than normal)
> Cost: *$20/month* (prepaid annually or $3.50 more per month for 
> semi-annual payment)
> *REDWOOD *ENTERPRISE (exclusive SALE plan)
> Disk Space: 50,000 MB (over 8x more than any normal plan)
> Transfers: 250,000 MB (more than 2x more than any normal plan)
> Reseller ready: configure the account specifics however you wish, 
> subdivide and resell the space using cPanel's WHM tool to create 
> custom accounts for your clients (some reasonable restrictions apply, 
> talk to me if interested.)
> Cost: *$60/month* (prepaid annually or $10 more per month for 
> semi-annual payment)
> /Need something more? Let me know... I could even provide a private 
> VPS for you./
> /
> /
> If you're interested, please let me know! I'm aiming to add just a few 
> accounts, so I'll end the promotion probably within a few days.
> Best,
> Tim
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