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I'm not much understanding these directions about "whitelisted". Hope this
gets through.
A great number of arguments could be raised regarding the proper position
of the believer with regard to activism, and/or pacivism in the cause of

There is no force for liberty in any society, or individual life, quite as
powerful as the simple gospel of Christ. But for those who reject it there
is nothing left but a "...certain fearful looking for of judgment and
fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries...."

The idea that even kings are subject to the law is a completely biblical
idea, as is the idea that a "nation of kings and priests" has a
responsibility to hold them in check (if they have been so foolish as to
put themselves into that sort of political system).

We give up small bits (small???) of that authority at our peril, as
witness 'public education', 'graduated income tax' and 'social security'.
They all had small beginnings and our fathers were deceived (or deceived
themselves), thinking that they could fulfill their personal
responsibilities more easily if they did so corporately. And look at the
monsters that have resulted in our days!

Now how do we 'nationally' repent of such foolish moves?

I believe the most fruitful path is to "faithfully preach the word", and
most especially "the gospel". When individuals experience "repentance
toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ", every aspect of their
lives changes - even their political views.

But there are many who will not repent, and that number,lamentably,
includes many 'christians' both true (but ignorant) and false.  So the
requirement to oppose these evil deeds still comes back to us. Just how we
oppose, and when or if to take up arms, will ultimately be and individual
matter, but the requirement to make a decision is not optional.

Dave McMullen.

> On 08/09/2013 04:59 PM, Craig Button wrote:
>> Hmm. but you also seem to forget that our commission is to spread the
>> word and not spread democracy or liberty. We're also told to expect
>> our faith to be challenged and attempts to limit the expression of our
>> faith. If we spent as much time truly worshiping him and following in
>> Christ's footsteps and less time on politics and the like. Then maybe
>> this would actually be a Christian county.
>> I've attempted to unsubscribe from the list a couple of times but each
>> time I get an error message. The forum has ceased to be what I
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> Go read it again and you'll realize that it wasn't "forgotten" at all.
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