[CS-FSLUG] Thieves Reaching for Linux—”Hand of Thief” Trojan Targets Linux #INTH3WILD

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Thu Aug 8 00:39:11 CDT 2013

Just two weeks after reporting about the commercialization of the KINS
banking Trojan, RSA reveals yet another weapon to be used in a
cybercriminal’s arsenal.

It appears that a Russia based cybercrime team has set its sights on
offering a new banking Trojan targeting the Linux operating system. This
appears to be a commercial operation, which includes support/sales
agents and software developer(s).
Meet the “Hand of Thief” Trojan

Hand of Thief is a Trojan designed to steal information from machines
running the Linux OS. This malware is currently offered for sale in
closed cybercrime communities for $2,000 USD (€1,500 EUR) with free
updates.  The current functionality includes form grabbers and backdoor
capabilities, however, it’s expected that the Trojan will have a new
suite of web injections and graduate to become full-blown banking
malware in the very near future. At that point, the price is expected to
rise to $3,000 USD (€2,250 EUR), plus a hefty $550 per major version
release. These prices coincide with those quoted by developers who
released similar malware for the Windows OS, which would make Hand of
Thief relatively priced way above market value considering the
relatively small user base of Linux.

The Trojan’s developer claims it has been tested on 15 different Linux
desktop distributions, including Ubuntu Fedora and Debian. As for
desktop environments, the malware supports 8 different environments,
including Gnome and Kde.........................


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