[CS-FSLUG] Multiple Monitors and three programs at once

Stephen McCracken sjm.mlists at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 10:12:35 CDT 2013

>>> Will it run a SEPARATE program to each of the multiple monitors? 
>>> I have had multiple monitors on this system, but they all showed 
>>> the same picture.

> Absolutely, this is all in the config of X and your video cards. You 
> can choose either to mirror the image or have separate screens. If 
> you have a laptop you might run into a video card limit where it
> will only mirror the laptop screen to the external screen, but I
> haven't seen that limitation in a long time.

I was running for a long time an LXDE desktop that did really well with
two monitors (out of three) stretching the whole desktop into one big
3840x1080 desktop and using them as one big monitor.  I have a laptop
and two monitors plugged into a docking station.  The video card only
has two outputs, so I could use any of the three monitors, but only two
maximum at a time.  I learned some of the xrandr commands to manipulate
the screens, but then found the utility ARandR which is a really slick
front end to all the xrandr shenanigans.


P.S. I have since switched to a GNOME environment, because I need to use
VMWare Workstation and it wouldn't see both monitors with LXDE, but can
use both with GNOME.

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