[CS-FSLUG] OT: As disturbing as this is, it IS a MUST watch!!

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Tue Apr 16 17:35:55 CDT 2013

A Haunting Look Into Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell's 'House of Horrors'
(Warning: Very Graphic). Its very hard for me to even try to comment on
this, as I'm extremely upset by it! However, EVERYTHING Glen Beck says
is 1000% SPOT ON!!! The fact that the lame brain, Marxist, Satanic
mainstream media has ignored this story for over 2 yrs. deserves God's
retribution! The only one I know of who's covered it is FOX. As a
nation, certainly we can't complain about God handing out His
retribution for all the babies that have been killed via abortion!



"Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God." -Benjamin Franklin.

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