[CS-FSLUG] Long Copper Run and Fiber Media Converters

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Sun Sep 23 19:52:21 CDT 2012

Given the saga of my 260 ft ethernet run in my previous thread, I'm seriously considering dumping the ethernet run and putting in fiber between the buildings. While the switch from TRENDnet switches to Netgear ones means I can get the thing to work, it still fails after I put in place APC PNET1GB ethernet surge protectors. I've seen mixed mode fiber cabling that length for about $100, which means the project wouldn't cost THAT much, and I'd also be able to stop worrying about the need for surge protectors on the ends of the cable that runs through the conduit.

So, first question: does anyone know a better gigabit surge protector that would allow me to stick with copper while protecting the network against surges coming through the buried line/conduit? If not, I'll move on to fiber, as in question two:

I've searched a good deal about fiber, but most of the information I've found has assumed the reader has a lot more experience with fiber than I have had (i.e. none). Is there a good resource for a basic tutorial on fiber? Basically, I could use some advice on which sort of connectors are best out of the variety that seem to exist, how to crimp those connectors on and what media converters are best to convert from fiber back to copper on each end.

Does anyone either have pointers on these subjects or suggested online resources that have how-to's on this?



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