[CS-FSLUG] DNS blockages?

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Thu Sep 6 16:01:07 CDT 2012

I was wondering if anyone else is suffering DNS outages trying to reach 
any controversial political sites. I'm currently using Cox Cable and 
there are times I get their error page for some sites. Even if I know 
the IP address and use it directly in my browser, as soon as it starts 
to load, the URL flahses, then the error page comes back.

If I try a "host" from the CLI, my own machine name gets appended. I 
have little difficulty reaching these sites through proxies.

I'm running Scientific Linux 6 connected via a D-Link DIR-615 router. 
Maybe it's time I configure it to some other DNS service.

Ed Hurst
Open for Business - http://ofb.biz/
Kiln of the Soul - http://soulkiln.org/
blog - http://jehurst.wordpress.com/

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