[CS-FSLUG] web hosting suggetions

Mark Clayton clayton256 at gmail.com
Thu May 3 20:37:13 CDT 2012


I was wondering if anyone can suggest a web hosting company. Of course I
"want it all and I want it cheap"! I have three domains that I'd like to
manage through one account. I'd also like it to be linux based (of
course) and I'd really like ssh as well as all the other usual features:
SQL, Apache, PHP, SMTP, cron, etc. Wordpress and shared ssl might be nice
to have too. I don't need mail as I'll just keep using google apps. A
google search turned up a few possibilities. One I've heard of,
hostgator.com. The rest I've not heard of. Has anyone had any experience
with these? bluehost.com, hostmonster.com, fastdomain.com, justhost.com. I
think the first three are all the same company, but not sure. They all run
about $6-8/month (unless I'm missing something in the fine print)

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