[CS-FSLUG] Updated Tutorial On Connecting LibreOffice to PostgreSQL Using Native SDBC Driver

Don Parris parrisdc at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 22:34:29 CDT 2012

Hi all,

Last year I wrote a tutorial on connecting LibreOffice to the powerful
PostgreSQL database server. Now there is an updated driver that allows
read-write access. So I've updated my tutorial, complete with screenshots
time.  Please note that LO 3.5 offers the SDBC driver as an optional
installable item (as opposed to an extension), but otherwise this applies
to LO 3.4.4 and higher:


Fwiw, this (connecting LO & PGSQL) is probably the most-sought-after item
on my blog.  If you see any issues, please let me know.

D.C. Parris, FMP, Linux+, ESL Certificate
Minister, Security/FM Coordinator, Free Software Advocate
GPG Key ID: F5E179BE
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