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Fri Jan 27 12:28:39 CST 2012

I quite agree with you, Ed.  Biblical fellowship is not based nearly so
much on what we consider "doctrine" as it is upon life. Life (in the
Spirit) is not based on manners or rules, but on grace, and laid hold of
by God given faith. If I conclude that such faith is present, then our
fellowship has no limits except the limits that we put upon each other.
Before God we are one in Christ, and should be living that way.

Dave McM

> On Fri, 27 Jan 2012, Mark Clayton wrote:
>> Every time I see this this church name I gotta chuckle... sugar free,
>> fat free, Evangelical free...
>> Mark
> I can't speak to questions about the EFC, and not really too much about
> the Evangelical Covenant Church itself. However, I was surprised at how
> Life Church is probably a bit more conservative in some ways than what
> the stated beliefs indicate. For example, I keep hearing comments
> indicating they consider beverage alcohol questionable, if not outright
> immoral, at least among the leadership. No one smokes outside the
> building entrances, nor have I spotted any smokers in their cars.
> On the other hand, I'm far more prudish about dress than they are. And I
> would complain they may be mistaking stirred emotions for a stirring of
> the Spirit, but I suppose it's better than lifeless and overly cerebral.
> The main reason I like them is the overlap between what I can tolerate
> from them and what they can tolerate from me.
> Ed Hurst
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