[CS-FSLUG] Response to a Libre Software Skeptic

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 23:54:57 CST 2012

On 15.01.2012 21:16, Don Parris wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 13:27, dcolburn at bibleseven.com <
> dcolburn at bibleseven.com> wrote:
>>  Marco Tedaldi wrote: Am 15.01.2012 00:34, schrieb
>>>  dcolburn at bibleseven.com:Patents are designed to protect the ideas of
>>> the little guy from the theft
>> of the big guy.
>> The system is broken but the concept is necessary.
> Just to be clear, I recognize that both, copyrights and patents, were
> designed to protect *authors* and *designers*, not publishers and
> manufacturers.  I also recognize that both actually were (originally)
> designed to encourage commerce by providing a *limited* monopoly and are
> thus good things.  

If by *limited* you mean, *very limited* (and this limit would have to
be adjustable to each case) I can agree. Even if I think, that a
manoboly will never help commerce or innovation anyway.

> I nevertheless oppose software patents in any case.  I
> also oppose the extended length of copyrights under which we currently
> live.  Lessig pointed out in Free Culture that there was always a balance
> to our copyright and patent laws until recently.
The "balance" always goes to the side with more power. At the moment it
is clearly, where the money is...

> From my point of view, the best course is to use the libre alternatives
> where they exist.  I do not share Stallman's point of view that it is "ok"
> to violate copyright law in order to share, but I would also not object to
> such as a last resort.  That said, I think it is mostly, if not entirely,
> unnecessary to violate copyright law to help our neighbors these days.  In
> other words, I would seek the perfectly legal solution unless there were no
> other solution.
Well said. I fully agree on that.

best regards


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