[CS-FSLUG] Response to a Libre Software Skeptic

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Sun Jan 15 16:13:36 CST 2012

I can go with you that the Lord God may choose to use elements of
this as one of the variables in the last days of the end times - where
economic and political fragmentation parallel spiritual fragmentation;
resulting in anarchy, which always results in totalitarianism, as people
seek a quick solution to fear - and sell their freedom and their souls to
get it.

However, as a 22-year student of the Bible, with the last 2-3 years
invested in developing a Bible study and other related materials, I
can find no support for the assertion that the Lord God would really
care much one way or the other about "IP and patent law" - as they are
ethically-neutral and temporary tools within a secular civilization.

The flawed design and corrupted implementation thereof is a concern -
due to their imperfection and the heart-condition of those who have
caused and used the imperfections - and those have exacerbated the
corruption of the system - but otherwise this does not appear to me to
rise to the level of a 'God-issue'.


>  That would be at about the same time Western Civilization itself
>  comes apart, and for many of the same reasons. I am utterly convinced
>  this is God's hand at work, and pretty sure it has already begun. In
>  other words, God Himself does not support the current regime of IP
>  and patent law, that the concept itself is broken, not merely the
>  system.
>  Ed Hurst


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