[CS-FSLUG] [Linux4christians] Response to a Libre Software Skeptic

dcolburn at bibleseven.com dcolburn at bibleseven.com
Sat Jan 14 17:34:21 CST 2012

Everything that exists began with an idea.

Creation from the Lord God, inventions from man.

The test of the logical-extreme requires that nothing could ever be
patented and therefore the already-rich and well-equipped would
(like the Chinese) steal other people's ideas and bring them to market,
getting richer while depriving the inventor (the idea-person) of due

One cannot separate creativity from the creator, nor the product from
the idea.

Unless you reduce humankind to "beasts of burden" one must allow
that something other than manual labor has value worthy of compensation.

> But forcing others to give credit to you? Why do we want to get credit 
> for our ideas?


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