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Indeed. To say that quality of service is top-notch would be an 
understatement. I can attest to that. I would chose Tim over any 
commercial host provider in a heartbeat.


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On Thursday 27 December 2012 14.22.07 Timothy Butler wrote:

Hi ChristianSource and Mac-Min friends,
As those of you who have known me for a long time know, every four years 
or so I get the itch to upgrade the server I provide web hosting on and 
every four years I offer a special hosting sale in conjunction with the 
upgrade (the last sale was July 2008). I also do that so I don't bug 
folks on here with advertising. 

Instead of offering allegedly unlimited bandwidth or storage, I offer 
what I can actually afford to provide. As long as you don't violate the 
terms of service, you may use the space as you wish. I do not host adult 
content on my server and I know the names of every one of my clients so 
you can rest assured your site will never be sharing an IP address with 
porn, spammers, etc. Here are the terms of service:


Also, these are "self-managed" hosting plans. I'm here if you have a 
critical issue, but I'm primarily offering it to folks who can do the 
vast majority of the work themselves. The cPanel control panel on the 
server allows you to create e-mail addresses, forwarders, MySQL 
databases, etc. 

Why do this and not go with a bigger provider? My main selling point is 
obsessive data protection. Everything will be stored on quality RAID 
hard disks (i.e. everything will be stored twice for data safety). 
Additionally, everything will be backed up on site and to an entirely 
separate datacenter every night. I've never lost a client's data. 
Period. Likewise, I have fewer than 50 accounts on the server right now, 
meaning that you aren't sharing space with hundreds of other sites that 
could lead to your site being compromised, etc. The main purpose of the 
server is to host my own web sites and projects I support like 
ChristianSource and CATUG/Mac-Min, so I care deeply about seeing the 
machine run well. I have provided 99.999% uptime over the last four 
years, so while the cost is a bit higher, I believe I can beat even many 
enterprise grade hosts on reliability.

Disk Space: 3,000 MB (3x my normal plan)
Transfers: 75,000 MB (45,000 MB more than normal)
E-mail accounts: 200 (120 more than normal)
Databases: 8
Additional Domains: 75 (3x more than normal)
FTP Accounts: 40 (4x more than normal)
Cost: $10/month (prepaid annually or $2.50 more per month for semi-
annual payment)

Disk Space: 7,000 MB (over 3x my normal plan)
Transfers: 125,000 MB (75,000 MB more than normal)
E-mail accounts: 400 (200 more than normal)
Databases: 20 (2x more than normal)
Additional Domains: 110 (2x more than normal)
FTP Accounts: 60 (3x more than normal)
Cost: $20/month (prepaid annually or $3.50 more per month for semi-
annual payment)

Disk Space: 50,000 MB (over 8x more than any normal plan)
Transfers: 250,000 MB (more than 2x more than any normal plan)
Reseller ready: configure the account specifics however you wish, 
subdivide and resell the space using cPanel's WHM tool to create custom 
accounts for your clients (some reasonable restrictions apply, talk to 
me if interested.)
Cost: $60/month (prepaid annually or $10 more per month for semi-annual 

Need something more? Let me know... I could even provide a private VPS 
for you.

If you're interested, please let me know! I'm aiming to add just a few 
accounts, so I'll end the promotion probably within a few days.


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