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First off, the report on which I am commenting is clearly set in
Halifax, MA, NOT in Halifax, NS. See:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax,_Massachusetts I just knew there
had to be such a place for the accent to ring true.

Now, taken from newspaper clippings we receive from an old friend in
Illinois here is a true dead bird story.

        In December 2001, a rain of well-singed duck carcasses fell on
        Springs, Arkansas. A flock had been struck by lightning and
        killed. "It was like tennis shoes falling out of the sky",
        observed a local
        resident, "and then we realized they were ducks."
Random Kinds of Factness Erin Barrett & Jack Mingo

You want dead birds, I've given you dead birds.


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> This is not a pretty story....
> About 200 dead crows were found near Halifax and there was *concern
> for 
> Avian Flu.*
> They had a Bird Pathologist examine the remains of all thecrows, and
> to 
> everyone's relief he confirmed the problem was definitely NOT Avian
> Flu.
> However, he determined that 98 percent of the crows had been killed
> by 
> impactwith trucks, and only 2 percent were killed by car impact. The 
> Province then hired an
> Ornithological Behaviourist to determine the disproportionate 
> percentages fortruck versus car kill.
> The Ornithological Behaviourist determined the cause in short order. 
> Whencrows eat road kill, they always post a 'look-out crow' in a
> nearby 
> tree, to warn of impending danger.
> His conclusion was that the lookout crow could say 'cah', but he
> could 
> not say 'truck'.
> Sorry ... had to do it.

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