[CS-FSLUG] Virtual Machines

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Tue Dec 18 19:17:40 CST 2012

I like virtualbox for my personal virtualization stuff (Windows-side) 
and have really liked KVM on the Linux server side of things.

     - Tim Young

On 12/18/2012 4:53 PM, Ed Hurst wrote:
> Been playing with virtual machines the past few days. Anybody done 
> much with them?
> Someone gave me Win7 Pro machine; needed only a new hard drive. Got 
> it back to life and I'm enjoying it as the primary means to my book 
> writing. It had no office ware on it, so I've had to make the most 
> of it while saving up. I like the grammar checkers. So I got my 
> hands on a discarded MS Word 2000 and it runs quite well on Win7. 
> Still, I like to balance that with WordPerfect and Grammatik.
> All I could get was 6.1 for Windows, which works okay in MS's XP 
> Mode. However, MS Virtual PC is utterly useless for anything else. 
> It's cranky and only a narrow selection of older distros work at 
> all. They all work poorly, at that, so far as I can see.
> VMware Player allowed me to run Win98 (thinking mostly about older 
> Win/DOS stuff), but their integration is missing some critical 
> stuff on that. Got it working in spite of them. However, installing 
> Ubuntu 8.04 was a piece of cake, scripted in advance. Running it is 
> really impressive. It's fast and integrated fully with Win7. So I 
> tried my copy of WP8 for Linux, but had forgotten how bad the fonts 
> were. Almost unusable.
> Still, I have a nice way to run Linux when I need it, so long as 
> it's not something too power-hungry.

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