[CS-FSLUG] OT: Culinary question ;)

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Wed Aug 8 12:39:21 CDT 2012

In general, we cook beans on the stove at low heat, covered, adding just 
a few taste ingredients -- black pepper, salt, etc. We do not soak 
overnight, simply place them in the pan and twice the depth of water to 
cover. We then check periodically to see if we need to add water to keep 
them covered. Broadly, we predict the beans to swell four times in 
volume when done, and use a pan twice as big as that. It takes several 
hours, but we test for tenderness after about three.

Wild rice is a ratio 3/1 = water/rice. It usually takes about 45 
minutes simmering.

If you have access to crockpots, beans can cook overnight, and rice in a 
couple of hours.

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