[CS-FSLUG] We Are Safe So Far

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Fri Mar 11 17:57:13 CST 2011

For those of you watching all the disasters in the world today, add a  
series of grass fires scattered around Oklahoma. One started just a few  
hundred yards/meters from our home, but the wind carried it away from us.  
Right now there are so many little pop-up grass fires, homes and barns and  
little wood lots on fire, the emergency services can't keep up.

So far, my only loss is my beloved woodlands trail. As I write this, the  
fire is burning on one section of the trail I cut through the woods north  
of us. So long as the prevailing winds are from the south, our mobile home  
park is safe. A fire crew just came into the park preparing to follow my  
trail down to the fire just a few moments ago.

Lots of houses gone, a couple of school buildings and some businesses. We  
live in interesting times.

Ed Hurst
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