[CS-FSLUG] Linux used to handle floppies really well.

davidm at hisfeet.net davidm at hisfeet.net
Sat Jul 30 10:22:58 CDT 2011

I may be the only one who still wants to use floppies - but I doubt it.
Most computers don't come with a floppy drive anymore, But most desktops
until very recently came with a plug for it, and there are still sites
that will sell new "old style" internal floppy drives or USB floppy
drives. But I'm having an awful time getting my desktop to use that

The internal floppy that I have connected sill boot the machine, so I.m
pretty sure that the connections and bios settings are all right.
Furthermore I can use  udisks to mount a mountable floppy (udisks --mount
/media/floppy), and then read from or write to that floppy. then I can use
udisks to unmount it (udisks --unmount /media/floppy).

But if I have a disk that won't mount, and I want to try to format it, I
find no way to get at it to try and format it. That wasn't always the
case. In fact when I first started playing with linux it was far more
flexible in dealing with floppys than DOS.

Is there some simple remedy that I'm missing?

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