[CS-FSLUG] CDigest, V94, 11 - porn coming [to] linux

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Tue Dec 20 19:35:18 CST 2011

On 12/20/2011 05:55 PM, Georges Rodier wrote:
> I do know what OMG stands for, but in my mind I read Obviously Missing
> God.
> It is sad to see porn facilitated in Ubuntu but at the very least there
> is the proviso, "Remember: The lens and scope are entirely optional
> installs and do not come with Ubuntu by default; you are free to NOT
> install this."
> Perhaps unavoidably, open-source reflects sin-scarred humanity.

Correct. It's like so many other things that are good "tools" for 
mankind, but
also bad "tools" for immoral users.


Liberal ideology and political correctness, infused with
public policy, begets social insanity. - Michael Savage

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