[CS-FSLUG] OT: Biblical literacy and spiritual growth

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Mon Dec 5 15:49:06 CST 2011

On 12/03/2011 04:22 PM, davidm at hisfeet.net wrote:
> Both of these programs look pretty good for literate Christians. In their
> case the real issue is awaking in them a hunger for the word. So I have a
> question, and then an observation.  First the question: Are either one of
> these available in Spanish?
> Now the observation:
> I've observed something in the third world you often don't have occasion
> to observe in America, which leads me to think that - far more important
> than actual Bible study - what is important is the desire to know and do
> the will of God. That observation is this:
> Illiterate christians who have a sincere desire to know and do the will of
> God grow rapidly in their spiritual lives even though they cannot read,
> while literate christians who lack that sincere desire do not, even though
> they participate in Bible reading exersizes.
> Probably in many cases that is because they are good listeners, and
> heartily obey (by listening) the injunction of 1Tim 4:13: "...give
> attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine...." Not only do they
> know the scripture and good doctrine, but they learn it quickly and put it
> into practice. And as a bonus they often rapidly learn to read as well.

True. MANY Muslim converts are VERY solid in the faith....as they know 
it as
so many of them can't read. By the way, one of real grow of the Faith IS in
Arab countries, and presently, MANY are dieing for that faith.


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