[CS-FSLUG] eComStation 2.0

Greg Slade grga at vfemail.net
Mon May 31 09:50:51 CDT 2010

> Among our esteemed list members, I was hoping someone with more
> competence than I in things OS/2 would be interested in test-driving the
> latest release of eComStation. I have a valid license/subscription and
> so forth, granted to our ezine (Open for Business, Tim is our Senior
> Editor).

You're a lucky man. I've been trying to find a vendor who will sell me 
an eComStation license for years!

In any case, I'm a definite OS/2 fan, so it seems likely that my report 
would be somewhat biased. But if you get no other takers, I volunteer.


Greg Slade
I can't remember if I'm the good twin or the evil one.

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