[CS-FSLUG] How could this be happening

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Tue May 11 18:40:03 CDT 2010

David McGlone wrote:
> <quote>"Hi David,
> I'm having issues with Linux...I think I have a virus...
> I have received 3 notices from Roadrunner in the past 3 months telling me spam 
> is being sent from my email address. 

Is this legit?  I think an ISP *might* contact a customer if the 
customers *computer* was suspected of sending spam; but not because the 
customers email address was found in the "from" field of spam!! 
Spammers have always harvested email addresses; then placed one email 
from their database in the "to" field and another in the "from" field. 
This way, if the "to" email bounces; they have a chance to target "from" 
email address when the message bounces.

I suggest she contact RR via telephone to confirm notices.

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