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Thanks for the report Ed. I hadn't heard a thing about this yet. Glad you
are okay.

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 9:05 PM, Ed Hurst <ehurst at soulkiln.org> wrote:

> For those of you who are aware of tornadoes passing through Oklahoma today,
> the nearest was a good three miles away from me. We are fine, but several
> swathes of the state have been shredded. No major urban areas were hit --
> yet -- but several really nice rural housing additions were obliterated. The
> path crossed nearest us at a truck stop on Interstate 40 at Choctaw Road.
> The Love's on the north side is roofless, there are cars rolled and crushed.
> (For Google Earth or Maps, that's SE 59th and Choctaw Road, SE OKC.) On the
> south side of that same intersection, a couple of U-Haul trucks were tossed
> into the trees, and I understand a tractor-trailer rig received similar
> treatment. We are still hearing fresh reports on the local news channels as
> emergency response crews are mobilized across the state.
> This isn't the first time I noticed utility companies do things backwards
> everywhere I've been. In around Salem, Oregon, they buried the electric
> lines, which are often broken in minor earthquakes. They never have serious
> storms, of course, so the law prohibits suspended wires. Here, they just
> started burying the lines where we almost never have earthquakes, but
> frequent outages from storms.
> At any rate, you might wish to pray for folks who lost pretty much
> everything. Most of them are saying it's just stuff, and they are glad to be
> alive. Still, lots of folks are now suddenly homeless, and a few are dead.
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