[CS-FSLUG] 'Extremely severe' flaw in Opera web browser

Cia Watson ciamarie at my180.net
Wed May 5 20:07:35 CDT 2010

Thanks for the text file, I'll read through it when I'm more awake. I
noticed you have various srpm links, thought I'd point you to koji
also, because it's sort of a 'one stop shopping' for Fedora rpm's
(x86_64, i686 and srpm's) for different packages:

Basically, I didn't want to spend a lot of time installing or building
things that may not survive a changeover to CentOS, given the pile of
other stuff I also have to do... and I have a working VLC on Fedora so
if I need to watch a dvd on the computer that's where I'll go. Movie
Player on RHEL6 beta doesn't work for dvd's, as I guess you know. 

If you have any ideas on the hibernate issue, I'd be happy to hear them!


On Wed, 05 May 2010 10:42:23 -0500
"Ed Hurst" <ehurst at soulkiln.org> wrote:

> On Wed, 05 May 2010 10:00:55 -0500, Cia Watson <ciamarie at my180.net>
> wrote:
> > I didn't want to install too many Fedora packages, and I didn't
> > want to take the time to figure out the whole 'build from source'
> > option -- so on that install I'm using Thunderbird for mail instead
> > of Claws. It's an interesting change...
> They say RHEL 6 is compatible, but hardly identical with Fedora 12.
> As in the past, I have preferred to stay as close to the upstream as
> possible. That said, I dug through building from SRPMs everything
> I've wanted so far. I managed to stumble my way through trading the  
> 'gstreamer-plugins-bad-free' for the more expansive  
> 'gstreamer-plugins-bad' and rebuild Totem to accommodate the
> differences. Dozens of SPRMs from several sources. I am by no means
> an RPM hacker, but I did modify a few SPEC files and got what I
> wanted. Now, Totem plays everything I throw at it. I wrote it up in
> terse form:
>     http://soulkiln.org/RHEL6-MediaBuild.txt

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