[CS-FSLUG] Chrome to "Integrate" Flash

Davo Smith christiansource at davosmith.co.uk
Wed Mar 31 13:12:33 CDT 2010

>> I think that Fred is just quoting the article, not expressing his point of
>> view. However, I agree with you, Frank. This is NOT good news. Flash is the
>> scourge of the Web and this is definitely a step backward, in my opinion.
> IF you look at the "popularity" (downloads) of the Firefox add-ons you have
> (out of 461 plugins):
> 1. Personas Plus - "skins" for Firefox
> 2. Ad-Block Plus - block ads from sites
> 3. Video Downloader - download youtube like videos.
> 4. NoScript - Keeps scripting, including Flash, from running by default.
> ...
> 38. FlashBlock - Blocks Flash content until explicitly asked for.
> It's interesting that the 4th and 38th (and maybe the 2nd) most popular
> Firefox add-ons block Flash content from websites.

Although, it is worth noting that if people were really wanting to
block flash, just because they don't like flash, then surely not
installing flash in the first place (or uninstalling it), would be
more effective.

As for the original point being made, as far as I understand it, the
'bundling' is simply an automated download and install of flash at the
time when Chrome is installed (plus automatic updates as new versions
are released).

I don't know if this is optional in the install process, or even if it
is a Windows-only feature, but if it helps to eliminate the problems
of 'I tried out this new browser that Bob told me about and none of my
favourite (flash-using) websites worked properly', then it is a good
thing (the more people using a standards-compliant browser, the sooner
we can move away from Flash).


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