[CS-FSLUG] Chrome to "Integrate" Flash

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Wed Mar 31 03:02:42 CDT 2010


This is big news, especially for the Linux world.  Google has forged a
deal with Adobe that will allow them to "integrate" Flash Player
technology natively into the Chrome browser and Google Chrome OS!
Their aim is to greatly improve Flash performance, which is
desperately needed for Linux users, and greatly improve security on
pages that use Flash.

Flash updates would come through the Chrome browser updates rather
than users needing to download updates manually.  For Ubuntu users
likely this will come via official Google Chrome PPAs.  The blog also
said that they're working with Mozilla, so its possible we'll see this
technology make it into future releases of Firefox.  Perhaps, Firefox
4, the highly anticipated release which will be a paradigm shift for
the browser.

The Google Chrome OS angle I see as a direct dig at Apple.  There are
some Chrome OS tablets in development and Google may be working on one
themselves.  The iPad and iPhone don't support Flash due to claims
that its unstable and a security risk.  This move by Google pretty
much makes those arguments a moot point.

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