[CS-FSLUG] Commodore, the same company behind the Commodore 64, is back.

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Wed Mar 24 18:51:20 CDT 2010


Commodore, the same company behind the Commodore 64, is back.  Their
first major US product in decades is a feature rich all-in-one
keyboard PC pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux.

The unit comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor upgradeable to 3GHz
on an Intel G31 Express Chipset mobo that supports up to 4GB of
PC2-5300 667MHz&  PC2- 6400 800MHz DDR2 RAM.  Graphics are provided by
an Intel GMA 3100 and support for two displays.  Storage is done via
SATA2 with an option to upgrade to 2TBs, and there is also an option
for a removable HDD as well.  The computer can be expanded with 4 USB
2.0 slots, two serial port, PS/2 mouse&  keyboard ports, a parallel
printer port, and combined mini-PCI/PCI-e port.  Network is via
Gigabit LAN or optional Wi-Fi, which also includes a Bluetooth radio
as well.  Sound is provided by a Realtek AL888 High Definition Audio
which is Ubuntu compatible out of the box.  The optical drive can be a
standard DVD-RW or Blu-Ray drive.  The AMI BIOS supports booting from
USB devices, and the system has EFI support (meaning its Hackintosh
ready), and the full-sized keyboard features a laptop style touch pad
mouse.  Though the specs don't list it, in one of the images you can
clearly see what looks like a credit card swipe slot-reader.

The product isn't going to be officially rolled out until June.  The
biggest deal is this machine is the fact that its pre-installed with
Ubuntu by default and uses hardware that is very Linux friendly.  A
number of other operating systems are listed as being compatible.
They also say it can run Mac OS X, but you have to turn it into a
Hackintosh yourself and buy Mac OS X yourself.  This doesn't make them
legally liable to Apple, a smart move.

A REVOLUTIONARY IDEA! 'Time to put Nana Pelosi in a home!'

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