[CS-FSLUG] Even if you're not a Catholic, like me, READ this....it's insightful.

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sat Mar 20 14:30:14 CDT 2010

*Randall Terry

>From the Vatican: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Document being received with gladness,
sadness, and with fear.
Hello Pro-life Friend,
I am am exhausted from running around Rome the past 3 days pleading with
Vatican employees to help us in America with our bishops. My team of 11
activists, from all over the country, has wore out their knees praying
that fruit will come from this trip.

Good News: Nearly every Vatican has received our document. (click the
link below to read)
Bad News: This crisis continues - Baby killing 'catholic' politicians
are still receiving communion
Ugly News: The Vatican is well aware of our crisis and there is just as
much in-fighting as in the US

Based upon our many conversations we have deduce that some offices love
our document while others are too afraid to get into this battle.
We have had several frank conversations with various Vatican offices
about the bishops in America who refuse to obey Canon 915...i.e., that
communion must be denied those Catholic politicians who promote
Thus far, between our two teams, we have met with representatives from
about 15 dicasteries. On, top of our meetings, we have even spent time
in St. Peter's square 'lobbying' with cardinals and bishops that pass by us.
We beg your prayers for the success of this pilgrimage.
I need your help. Here are two steps you can take:

First, read the document we have presented; Sanguis Innocens, Sanguis
Sanctus. It means Innocent Blood, Sacred Blood. (Click here
Please forward the link to your friends to read it as well.
Second, please send a personal letter by fax to nearly 30 Vatican
officials for only $5. About half of the 75 letters at this price have
been sent. (Click here
If you want to send a letter for $40, you can, to help us with the costs
of this trip at: ahumbleplea.com.
_They told us they are getting these faxes! They are actually making a
I am exhausted, as are most of the team. Again, I beg your prayers, and
I urge you to read the document,
In fact, if you agree with what we have said, say something about it in
the letter that you write.
>From the shadow of the Vatican, we are your servants and ambassadors.
By Christ's Wounds Kept.
Randall Terry
Vanguard of St. Catherine of Siena.

p.s. We met a priest at the Vatican that said he has been watching TV
and keeping up with our fight against this child-killing health bill. If
you haven't blasted a fax to congress yet, now is a critical time to let
your voice be heard.

Click here to fax blast the US House

Click here to fax blast the Senate

*Randall Terry, Box 23775, Washington, DC 20026*

A REVOLUTIONARY IDEA! 'Time to put Nana Pelosi in a home!'

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