[CS-FSLUG] London stock exchange switches to Linux

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Tue Jan 26 01:25:07 CST 2010

*IN THE CITY OF LONDON*, the financial heart of the UK, the London Stock
Exchange (LSE) has begun a twelve-month migration to a Linux based
trading system.

By the end of the year it wants the Linux-based MillenniumIT trading
platform up and running.

The software was gained by acquiring the Sri Lankan company that
developed it for £18 million in September. When it is switched on it
will replace the outgoing TradElect platform, which is based on
Microsoft's .Net framework and was upgraded by Accenture only two years
ago at a cost of £40 million.

The TradElect system has been an embarrassment to the LSE with a number
of high profile outages.


This all leads to my belief that I've been wrongly defining 
liberalism for years. I think a new definition of the liberal 
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