[CS-FSLUG] udev and SATA DVDRs

sjm sjm.mlists at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 21:24:36 CST 2010

Ed Hurst wrote:
> sjm wrote:
>>> GH50N. It's linked as /dev/sr0. The BIOS offers IDE mode and RAID, and I
>>> have it set to the former, which is the default.
>> I can't quite remember, but if you have an extra HDD, I'd try the BIOS
>> on the other setting.  I know Windows and Linux seemed to like the
>> option that the other OS didn't when I last was messing with the BIOS on
>> a similar problem.
> I remember messing with it when I tried to get CentOS just to boot the
> installer disk. It kept loading it's older piix driver and hanging. With
> RAID turned it, CentOS called it ahci. However, I don't have another
> drive. I'm not sure how Ubuntu would react to that sort of change.

If you change the setting in the BIOS, you won't be able to see any data
already on the disk, I'm pretty sure.


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