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> Well, I'm really getting into theory now and I know you want more
> practical, in use, types of stories so I'll stop. I've not been able
> to find the opportunity to do anything really innovative, though I do
> dream. Others in larger agencies have surely had different
> experiences, but I hope this serves as a part of a foundation for your
> research. I'm also hoping you can encourage others to consider the
> potential.

Excellent start. While there are plenty of Christians coding Open Source,  
I know the general antipathy towards religion found among the computer  
crowd surely hinders the efforts to meet the peculiar needs of  

By the same token, it makes me wonder if there are some things we might do  
to help missionaries have less need for such software. My own experience  
in missions support raises the question as an organizational issue. But  
that wasn't my question, was it?

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