[CS-FSLUG] udev and SATA DVDRs

Cia Watson ciamarie at my180.net
Mon Feb 1 23:24:19 CST 2010

Hi Ed, 

Thanks for the links. That got me started, and lead me to redhat
bugzilla. On a couple of bugs I saw someone mention the original
cdrtools and a broken fork that's currently being used, so being curious
I decided to follow the link and it lead me to something that might
explain why it worked for you in opensuse: 

One paragraph from this location
- http://cdrecord.berlios.de/old/private/linux-dist.html
"On March 6th 2009 at CeBIT, Simon Phipps (Sun Opensurce Evangelist)
helped to get an agreement with Debian. There was a meeting between
Simon Phipps (Sun), Jörg Jaspert (Debian FTP Master), Jörg Schilling
(Cdrtools Author and Maintainer) and a neutral observer, where Jörg
Jaspert in a legally binding way agreed on distributing the original
cdrtools again for Debian as soon as possible. Jörg Jaspert told us
that this would be within three months. We are currently waiting for
this promise to become reality. Unfortunately Debian seems to be
extremely slow as Debian did not finish this after 6 months.

OpenSuSE started to distribute the original and unmodified cdrtools
again on September 6th 2009. This was a result of a discussion with the
SuSE legal managers started three weeks before.

Ark Linux started to distribute the original cdrtools again on
September 10th 2009. This was an own decision from Ark Linux." 

I've never heard of Ark linux (I thought maybe it was a typo for Arch
linux but it's not...) so now of course I had to check out their page. 

The solution may be in sight, I downloaded the cdrecord beta (dated Jan
31 2010) that I'll try to make and configure possibly tomorrow, too
tired right now. From here (linked on the bugzilla):

I'll report back...


On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 13:12:03 -0600
"Ed Hurst" <ehurst at soulkiln.org> wrote:

> On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 11:02:44 -0600, Cia Watson <ciamarie at my180.net>
> wrote:
> > I did a web search for linux sata dvd and didn't come up with much,
> > that was helpful, which is why I asked if you have links...
> I found them by chasing some of the error reports I posted in my
> previous message. This appears to be something which affects almost
> every SATA optical drive in varying degrees.

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