[CS-FSLUG] Hard drive won't format - or maybe stay formatted.

davidm at hisfeet.net davidm at hisfeet.net
Mon Aug 9 18:27:12 CDT 2010

You are right.  I did install, and the hard drive is working fine.  Thank
you all for your advice and attention.

I still couldn't get it to install through the CD, (didn't pay to much
attention to the malfunctions of the CD when I was concentrating on the
HDD). It works sometimes and not others.  Maybe it's been dropped or
something.  anyway, I removed the HDD and put it in my desktop (as sda)
and installed Mint 9. Got a few odds and ends to clear up but it's working
well in the laptop now. Connected to wifi, and downloaded updates.

>   The difference in size is usually because GB are calculated two
> main ways.  One is the size divided by 1000, and the other is size
> divided by 1024.  HD vendors always use the more impressive numbers.
> Some tools will report one way or the other.
> You should be able to go through the OS install process on this drive.
>      - Tim

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