[CS-FSLUG] Hard drive won't format - or maybe stay formatted.

davidm at hisfeet.net davidm at hisfeet.net
Thu Aug 5 15:46:31 CDT 2010

I tried to check what is fdisk(8) thru google Sounds like it's not the
fdisk included dwith most linux packages.  Where can I get a working copy
and directions for using it?

> It's possible that some partition on the drive is being automatically
> mounted.  If that's the case, then the kernel's sense of the drive
> partitioning is fixed until the last partition is unmounted.  This is
> the point where good ol' fdisk(8) mutters, "writing partition table to
> disc...re-reading partition table," or something thereabouts.
> Basically, you're screwed in such a situation until you convince the
> kernel to let go of the last remnant of its belief about the drive.
> Qparted won't have any idea that this is the problem; it will know only
> that the ioctl() call that attempts to read the table back gives the
> same result it used to have.
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