[CS-FSLUG] Prayer Request: Transportation

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Sun Apr 25 21:24:05 CDT 2010

I think it wasn't too bad a deal that our 1993 Chrysler Town and Country  
lasted just over a year for the price we paid. For that model year only,  
Chrysler tested a peculiar brake management system. It was so bad they had  
one recall over it, then they simply quit manufacturing parts for it.  
Instead, they began replacing it with what they should have used in the  
first place. Sadly, the entire brake system is all built around the faulty  
control module, so repair means something like $3000. The vehicle is not  
worth that.

Right now, it's leaking very fast (1 pint for every 10 miles or so)  
through a plastic fitting which will probably burst open before too long.  
When it does, the thing will become utterly useless. So we are praying now  
because it's all we have, and my wife has a few more weeks of work before  
she is off for the summer. Pray with us to find a replacement, which means  
either raising funds or making arrangements for relatively small payments.

Ed Hurst
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